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Bored and Depressed

I've never believed in depression.

I've always thought that people have been so emotional and unrealistic.

They're just trying to make up some shit and put the blame on something else.

Just to reason out all their false turns.

And Doctors are just trying to feed you more drugs.

You'd only know what depression is until it hit you.

And yeah it did hit me hard.

So here's my definition of depression;

It is when you know you need something but you just can't seem to figure it out.

By 'need' I mean, need to think of something, need to change, need to talk, need to just do something.

It is when you actually feel far.

and indeed you are far.

Far from being grateful

Far from embracing.

Having a huge family, it took me sometimes to actually come and speak out about my concerns.

After just a year of working, I don't feel the fulfillment.

Work seems boring.

I've got a year older and yet achieved none.

Infact, I found myself rotting at work.

And so, I've been depressed for quite sometimes.

After tones of tears, talk and discussion with the family,

here's what I've learnt:

Work doesn't always meant to be fun.

But we can always try to enjoy and make use of what we've got.

I'm just being realistic here.

All that the media have done is making it worse.

Painting that perfect picture that are never or maybe most of the time unrealistic isn't helping.

If work is your concern, find a solution, do not quit before you find another thing to do.

Do not quit until you have enough in your bank. You don't wanna quit and end up burdening someone else.

If you think you've been paid more than what you deserve, you don't know what to do with what you have, give it away to someone else and trust me, you'd find the satisfaction.

And if you think you've been paid less, work more. Get more experience. At least two years of each job.

If you're are just bored at work and like me, you find yourself rotting away, you don't "love" what you are doing, do what you love on your off days. Wake up early, do all that you want to do; wear yourself out and "rest" well at work.

Time : Again "time".

Time is what God have created for us to appreciate.

Human are never satisfied. Ask yourself, if there's no such thing as time, do you think you'd spend your life well. Your life of eternity ; you have enough of everything, it is just another day passing by, there is no purpose. It is because you have less time; you're dying, that all this things matters. We learn to love and appreciate.

Do you really think you can actually appreciate all those interest when you have all the time in this world?

Do not run from the problems, face it and shape it to what you'd like. It doesn't have to be a media-perfect-picture. It have to be of what you picture.

Face it, we all have 24 hours, half of those are taken away to pay for the rest of the day. Spend the other half doing what you like, sleep less, make a better today.

Well that's pretty much what I've learnt.

Night night.

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