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First Born

우리 엄마 <3

They said you're my first experiment

they didn't know how hard I tried

to not make you a failure

how much sleep I couldn't get

just thinking about you.

You were my first born

we had that chemistry

a look in the eye

I'll hand over what you needed

a kiss in my chest

a change

a cuddle.

You were my only one

you were my warmth in the winter

I was once alone

your presence is my entrance

into another realm

exiting the room of loneliness.

You were my first born

I blame myself for the mess you called

for you not able to fly to another

for you still in my nest

I'd love you even more today

you're my griffon vulture

but my heart break to see you fly

into that storm.

Again, my baby

you left me today

with tears in your eyes

blaming me for breaking your wings

all I could say is I love you

may not have that solid reasons you asked for

for storm may come from anywhere

but baby risk not the sky.

A kick and a swear

you left me broken

my house was once shattered

but you were here to fix it

and now you left me naked


Where had my little one go?

let me be your wall solid reason

to stay.


you've been missed.

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