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Skin Picking

Here again,

I'm skin picking bored

Knowing all that I am to do

I am Bored

Bored choosing of what to start with


Boresome brought me to unnecessary thoughts


What was once a daily routine

Have now become daily goals

Prayer (salah) that once was on time

Have become touch & go.


I blamed my work

Blaming retail hours and customers

Forgetting the fact

I'm weak.

Scared of their impression

Neglecting the One who was my first

Ungrateful brat.


Been given

Thankful is all I am to be

And yet again,

I failed

Ignorant slave.

Our life revolves around Prayers (Solah).

Prayers doesn't revolve around our life.

If there's pillars in front of us,

We don't move it, we go around it.

If the pillars were moved, the building would have fell.

Prayers are to be done within it's timing.

Once they're moved, our pillars fall, so as our faith.

My priority is of Him.

For he's the reason

I'm breathing,

I'm alive.

Forget about them

For they will come.

To those who reminds,

Thank You.

All well written

For your right book shall be filled.

God Bless.

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