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Tempeh Boncis Sambal Goreng

As for today, I'll be sharing this super easy Tempeh Boncis Sambal Goreng recipe. As for the name, I named it as to what it's made of. Literally.

Your curiosity as to its meaning shall all be soothed as we go through the recipe.

Bare in mind this recipe serves 6-8 people. (I have 7 siblings)

All you need:

1. Vegetable cooking oil (need not mentioned)

2. Chilly paste - 2 tbs spoon

3. Onion - 1 large sliced

4. Fresh green and red chilly - 1 pc each sliced

5. Tumeric powder - 1.5 tsp

6. Sugar - 1 tbs

7. Boncis (Green Beans) - 2 handful sliced

8. Su Hun (Instant Vermicelli) -100 g (dried) or 2 handful

9. Salt to taste

10. Tempeh - 8 pcs

Chilly paste was pre-made in huge portion and fridged.

It can be used to make lots of other recipe. Hence, soon the recipe will be up. Meanwhile, here's the ingredients that you need to blend for this small portion:

1. Dried red chilies boiled - 7 pcs

2. Onion - 1 small

3. Garlic - 3 small cloves

Add 5- 6 tbs vegetable oil.

Add in the Chilly Paste and stir fly them until crisp.

Add in sliced onion and chilies.

Add in turmeric powder for colour.

Mix them well from time to time.

Add in sugar or any sweetener of choice to bring out the flavor... (>.<)

Add in Boncis (Green beans)

Add in the soaked su hun together with the remaining water (1/2 cup).

Hint: The su hun might get dried and crisp without water. I like my su hun soft.

Add in salt.

I prefer to add in salt later in my cooking. I find that I'd need less salt this way.

Let them sit until they are well cooked.

Add in tempeh and mix well.

Let them sit for 5 more mins until the tempeh absorbs the flavors.

You are done!

This dish is suitable to be eaten as sides with rice or porridge.

I had mine with white rice and homemade vegan kimchi.

KImchi made by my sister @hoodashmooda.

My mum had hers with white rice plain porridge.

Hey! Look at that beautiful color. Turmeric~

Not forgetting our sambal hitam. (black soy sauce sambal)

My tempeh buncis sambal goreng ft. my cheeky brother.

Thank you for visiting my website. Do tag me in your Instagram photos. (@dahuq95)

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