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Tauge Tahu Kicap [Bean Sprout Tofu Black Soy Sauce]

I grew up watching my mother cook. Her cooking is always simple, easy and never disappointing.

She never have that recipe ; that exact amount of ingredient.

"Campak campak je"

And so, setting up these recipes is a struggle.

Measuring the amount of ingredients used is also new to me.

Hence, I've attach as much pictures as possible for each steps for your reference as we go. :)

Tauge Tahu Kicap!

This recipe serves 2!

Let's get straight into the recipe!

All you need:

1. Tahu lembut (Silken tofu)

2. Touge (Bean sprout)

3. Enoki mushroom

4. Cherry Tomatoes

5. Onion - 1 med size

6. Garlic - 2 to 3 cloves

7. Kicap manis - Sweet black soy sauce (3 tbs )

8. Black pepper

9. Salt to taste

10. Coriander to garnish

11. Vegetable oil


Heat up the pan, add in vegetable oil.

Reduce water from the tofu to reduce oil popping.

I used this soft tofu that is ideal for steamboat and pan fry.

Place the tofu side by side not overlapping each other.

Flip the tofu gently as they are super soft.

You can fry longer if you prefer them crisp!

In another pan / wok add in the sliced garlic and onion.

Add in sliced chili padi if you love spicy food. (optional)

Add in halved cherry tomatoes once the garlic n onion are yellow and crisped.

Add in black pepper.

Add in 3 tbs Sweet soy bean soy.

Add in enoki mushroom and salt once tomatoes soften.

Turn off the stove once mushroom cooked.

Add in tauge on the frying tofu.

Soft tofu would release water as you fry. Don't panic, they are not oil.

Add in the ingredients from 2nd wok on top.

Need not mix, just cover them with lid.

Give it a good 5 minutes before you remove the lid.

Garnish with coriander for good photo! :)

Colorful dish is always more appetizing.

And it's ready to be served!

Can be served with rice as sides.

I had mine on its own as a meal!

Had it all to myself. :D

Tauge Tahu Kicap ft. my sweet sister.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Do tag me if you've tried this recipe~ (@dahuq95)

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