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Tempe Goreng Kering Masak Hijau [Fried Green Tempe]

This dish is to be eaten as a side. I had mine slightly salty just right to complement my meal.

This recipe serves 8 or it's to be chilled and serves you for a few days as it did mine.

All you need:

1. Tempe - 3 packs of 200g

2. Fresh Lemon Grass - 1 stalk

3. Onion - Half med size

4. Garlic - 4 cloves

5. Green chilies - 10 small sized

6. Chili Padi (Hot chillies) - 3 (optional)

7. Salt to taste - 4 to 5 tsp

8. Sugar - 1/2 tbs


Slice the tempe into small thin slices.

Thin sliced tempe will make a beautiful crispy fries!

Don't be surprised by how much oil they will need.

Replenish the oil upon each fry to get crispy fries!

Its okay that the tempe break because the small pieces makes this dish even more savoury!

Keep the tempe open to remain crispy~

Set aside the fries and be prepared to make the sambal!

Blend the green chilies, garlic and onion!

Until there's no big chunks but not too fine.

Peel off the tough layer of the lemon grass and discard.

You'll discover a fresh and softer stalk that is easier to cut.

Slice and fry them until slightly yellow.

Add in the blended mixture.

Fry them until crisp!

By crisp I mean they become separated from the oil~

Add in Salt and sugar to taste~

Add in the tempe and stir.

Keep the lid off to avoid the tempe from being soggy.

Once cooled down, place in airtight container to keep it fresh!

I've had mine as side with Stir Fried Vegetable and Su hun Tomato, Kimchi and Rice!

Store it chilled and it's ready to complement your Monday blues or lazy Sunday.

Heat it up and your savoury dish is ready~

I'd be happy to see your remake of this recipe! @dahuq95

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