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This days I found myself being unproductive.

A month till I reach 22.

It got me thinking if I've done enough.

Maybe because I'm a birthday-resolution kinda girl.

Which got me wondering:

Till when am I to keep having these resolution that eventually going to stop within a few days.

And if I'm lucky probably a few weeks or probably a month?

To just keep me going, I thought of just putting it up here and be responsible for what I've written.

I've broken down everything into it's category.

1. Peace

- Do my 5 times Solah (obligatory prayer) in it's timing.

(I'm not saying on time. I'm saying in it's timing)

- Read a page of Quran a day.

(Can't remember when I constantly reading everyday?)

2. Entertainment

- An hour of Korean drama a day

(This is going to be a struggle.)

- A 5 mins lecture before every episode.

(As invented by my brother. Blessed with loving brothers. Alhamdulillah)

- Penalty of 20 mins lecture for each subsequent hour watched.

- A week a masterpiece.

(Too much of my 'masterpiece', just basically my doodling and ranting)

3. Health

- Eat proper meal in the morning

- Smoothies at noon

- Greens at ninght

- Strictly no binging before sleep.

(Since I started working from 11am - 9 pm, I've found pleasure in eating while watching drama. Hence causing me to binge. I eat not knowing how much I've eaten and where it have gone to.)

4. Physique

- Light off, phone away before 12.

(I'm a Cinderella~)

- Awake at 6. No sleeping afterwards.

- 7- 830 Yoga and freelethics.

(I miss that consistency I used to have until slump kicked in.)

5. Surround

- Instagram 3 times a day.

- Music only when I'm alone in public transports and during workout.

I really do hope and pray that I'd be strong to go against my vain wills. Fighting~

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