Tomato Based Vegetable Soup

November 29, 2017

I'm a big fan of tomato based soup.

Sweet and sour: Just my cup of tea. Or in this case just my bowl of soup? Mehehe~


This recipe is really simple, easy and quick.

It's basically what you usually have in the fridge and of course you'd have both your thumbs up.


This recipe makes for 2 to 3 if you eat it with rice and other side dishes. 

I ate the whole bowl to myself as a main~ 


All you need:


1. Garlic (2 Large cloves)

2. Tomato (1 Large / 2 Small)

3. Carrot (1 Medium)

4. Black pepper

5. Enoki Mushroom (150 g / 1 handful)

6. Silken tofu ( 1 pack) 

7. Variety of Vegetable. ( sio peck chye, cabbage, broccoli) 

8. Salt to taste. 



 Dice the garlic these 2 beautiful cloves. 

Heat up the oil, saute the diced garlic.

If you like spicy food, do remember to add in 3 - 4 Chili Padi (Hot chillies)

Dice and add the tomato in. 

I've got a large, really red and juicy tomato!  

Add in the sliced carrot. 

You might want to add in the carrot a minute later if your tomato is not as ripe. 

 Black pepper into the wok~

Stir and wait for 4-5 mins.

Meanwhile, wash and chop them vegetables. Cha cha~

Enoki in ~

Make sure you separate the Enoki stems well before adding them in.

They'd be a good noodle substitute.

 Cook them for a little less than 1 min and add in water.

 Once boiled, add in silken tofu. 


 Soon after, vegetables goes in, add salt and you're all done. :D

I love my food to be of different colours. 

And of course, I just had to crush the tofu. 





My soup was sweet and sour. 

Thanks to these beautiful tomato and carrot. 


I love eating my food hot, hence spicy food makes me soak quite a number of tissues.


I prefer to relax while eating. 

However, there are days where I crave for spicy food. 


















Though I'm the sixth of eight, ever since I've started working, I found myself eating alone most of the time. 

Hence, simple and quick fix is my way to go. 


Taking hours preparing a meal isn't my style unless I'm cooking for another person. 


Thank you for motivating me to write. ♥

As usual, I'd be happy to see your remake of this recipe. (@dahuq95)


Until next time~~


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