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Overnight Oat

December is finally here, can't express how grateful I am for this month.

Hence here is my classic everyday breakfast.

Preparing time : 5 Mins

This recipe serves 1 person.

All you need:

1. Oatmeal -1 Cup

2. Chia Seed - 1 Tbs

3. Raisin - 2 tbs

4. Banana - 2 small / 1 Large

5. Santan / Natural Coconut cream - 2 tbs.

6. Plant based milk


Oatmeal goes in.

1 Cup of oatmeal usually fill up almost half of my jar.

I'd prefer to use Instant Oatmeal just because I'm always rushing my breakfast down, hence it will be much easier and faster to chew them down.

Sprinkle chia seed and raisin in.

Give them a shake. That will help to avoid the Chia seed from clumping.

Slice the bananas.

And chop it more.

I prefer this small bananas. They have more flavors compared to the larger ones.

Somehow this small ones are much sweeter and at the same time sourish?

How can anyone get bored eating fruits and plants when they contain these great flavors?

Smash them bananas hard.

Add in natural coconut milk / santan.

I'm using this brand. (I've got mine from NTUC )

It says coconut milk on the packaging but the texture is more of coconut cream.

Adding them in for more creamy texture and a little good fat to start the day.

Lastly, add in the milk till the top.

Mix it well and add more milk.

This is the texture after stirring.

It is a little watery now but it will get much thicker tomorrow~

This is exactly what it looks like after that good overnight beauty sleep.

Mix them well before you eat.

You can choose to add more milk or reduce the amount of oat depending of your overnight oat texture preference.

I loves mine thick. ♥

Thank you for reading.

I'd love to see your remake of this recipe. (@dahuq95)

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