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Sayang's Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Cake

I've bought myself a whole cake for the very first time.

The walk home with a birthday cake had never been this exciting.

Well, that's probably because it's my first walk home with a cake.

My family don't eat cake much.

In fact, pizzas were more often seen on our birthdays rather than a cake.

So why I bought a cake?

I've eaten vegan cakes before, baked a few and they tasted horrible, not of my expectation.

My birthday was around the corner so I thought I'd give it a try after seeing them a lot of time on my Instagram feed.

Image courtesy of Sayang's Official Website.

I mean, doesn't it look amazing?

And best of all, they actually have a peanut butter caramel chocolate cake.

Peanut Butter!

It's a 4-layer vanilla syrup-soaked sponge cake layered with peanut butter frosting, covered with dark chocolate ganache frosting, topped with caramel sauce, roasted peanuts and chocolate chunks.

The chocolate sponge cake blew off my mind. Like literally. BOMMM.

It's moist and most importantly it doesn't crumble. Yaaayyy~

Not chunky or too oily.

Peanut butter frosting does have a rich taste of peanut butter. Awesome!

A little sweet for me but I was informed that it is alterable upon request.

The slightly bitter dark chocolate ganache complements the sweetness of the frosting making them a good combo.

With slight taste of coconut, the drizzled caramel well dressed dark chocolate and roasted peanuts complements the presentation of the cake.

Being all bitter, sweet and nutty, this cake has set its place in my heart.

I've eaten this cake everyday for the past 4 days and I've not yet any sick of the taste.

I enjoyed mine with a cup of milk.

Chocolate cake and a cup of milk can never go wrong as long as it's plant base milk of course~

Dare you take it away~

After days of considerations,

I thought I really should make it a tradition to only buy a cake on my birthday.

And that's just because I don't want to make it a habit.

I'm already so used to waking up to this cake.

I can't get my mind of the cake if it's anywhere near my fridge.

Hence, once a year it is.

I mean I don't wanna mess up my dietary plan right.

But hey it's ethical and environmentally friendly.

I've never feel less guilty eating a cake before.

Other than the fact that I'd have to work the calories off.

Do visit Sayang's website for any enquiry.

Stay tuned for more reviews.

Till then ♥.

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