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Best Reward

My Beloved

Instill love in my heart

Love for you

For I long for that love

That love

That desire of the best reward.

Let love for myself bygone

For your love suffice

That desire for myself

That desire for another

That desire for more.

For your love suffice

Blind sees beauty

Deaf hears rhythms

Oh Dear

This stone of mine melts.

I ask for one

Only You

Let all the others bygone

For you suffice.

With you

I feel pardon in pain

I see beauty in scars

I hear music in critics

Appreciation in divergence

Light in dark

Path in uncertainty

Water in mirage

Answer in question

Support in abondonce

Care in negligence

Indulgence in deprivation

Plenty in vacancy

Life in death

Love in hate.

My Dear

My Love

I desire for that reward

When everyone is settled in their gardens

I desire to see You

I desire for You.

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