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Apple Banana Smoothie

If you have sweet tooth, this smoothie is for you~

No artificial sugar needed. Banana, apple and dates give you all the sweetness you yearn for.

All you need:

1. 1.5 cup instant oat

2. 2 cup non-dairy milk

3. 2 mid size banana

4. 1 red apple

5. 1 tbs peanut butter

6. 5 soft dates (tamar)

Optional :

1. 1 tbs olive oil

2. 1 tsp cinnamon powder

3. 1 tbs chia seed

4. 1 tsp arabic gum.


Blend them all ~

Add more non-dairy milk if you like them lighter.

I had mine thick!

This makes 2 mugs. Keep them tight and you can have them for 2 breakfast!

I'm so in love with peanut butter.

Might just make a peanut butter smoothie next time!

After my smoothie incident, I had a hard time working on the blender. Is this what they call PTSD?

Remember to mix them well before consuming and enjoy~

I'd be happy to see your remake of this recipe! @dahuq95

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